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Sales team plays a major role in the success of any business.

Irrespective of the size of an organization the efforts of sales and marketing team is quintessential if any company wants to fulfill its business goals.

To ensure that the sales team continues to come up with the top-class performance it should be provided with necessary tools and advanced software to achieve the high-level of success and creativity.

In today’s competitive world it is the inside sales that have become more important than the outside sales.

And this inside sale is carried out by the front-line staff that provides the customer care support.

There is a heavy competition in all the fields and hence it is highly important that the inside sales team gets the support of latest software that can strengthen its base so that the team can provide efficient and quality service.


To understand how can improve the work efficiency of a sales team let us discuss a case study. It will help you to know how using the right advanced technology can improve the results and prepare an atmosphere conducive to business growth within the company.


Here we are discussing a case of a extend that extends support to several insurance and banking organizations.these organizations have hundreds of customers who invest to cover their health and life risk and also to keep their earnings secured.

The clients of extend keep on offering new products annually and also introduce new schemes or extensions in the existing insurance term or bonuses to lure new customers or even to entice the existing ones to continue investing with them.

Interestingly, since these companies offer concept-based products, top-class customer service, that supports after-sales service by the agents of the respective companies is highly essential so that the clients continue to get new business and also retain the existing customers.

exend has been using one of the popular in the business and primarily fulfilled the basic requisites of its clients such as telecommuting with the customers, sending them premium reminders, calling them for new policies and bank investment schemes.

Xtend had a good relationship with all its clients since they had a working association of almost a decade.

But lately, it seemed that the clients were favoring other customer care service companies for their new projects which were quite surprising to the Xtend directors.

They could not comprehend as to why the clients were giving the new business to some other call center companies when they were offering the best.

Although, the call center company still retained a major chunk of the business, if such practices continued, soon the clients would divert all the business to some other companies.

That is when the board of directors decided to find out what was making them lose business when they were providing the same level of service they started  10 years ago.

The directors appointed a team of experts to find out the exact reason for the changes in the attitude of the clients.

Firstly the experts discussed the issues with the banking and insurance company heads.

They found out that:

1. Xtend had maintained the same type of service all these years, but now times had changed and their customers were using the latest communication platforms such as live chat, social networking sites, mobile apps and so on for communicating.

2. The other new call center companies were offering all such facilities which increased the customer satisfaction ratio thereby ensuring policy and investment scheme renewals and probabilities of more referrals through them.

3. The  Call center agentsof these companies used special techniques for reaching out to the prospective customers which further increased the sales.

After that, the experts observed the working pattern followed by Xtend and the approach adopted by its front-line staff.

After the observation, the team found out that:

1. The company was seriously in a big trouble as it was using an old software that although was the best when Xtend started but now had become outdated and certainly could not compete with the features that was provided by best call center

2. The staff was not using all the features that the software provided and it was because the employees were not properly aware of how to use them.

It meant one thing that they lacked proper training, especially the new employees.

3. The employees lacked the right approach, smartness, and tactfulness that had become an integral part of all the customer service companies.

When the board of directors studied the combined report from the research team they became aware of the loopholes in their working system and decided to take a quick action.


The employees were trained at using the new software.

The company also imparted training to the agents related to the new products, alterations in products and features of the clients.

To ensure that the right information is passed down to the staff, the company organized a weekend session where the sales staff of the clients and its agents handling the customer support and insider sales could interact and understand the issues properly.


Once the agents started using the best telemarketing servers, extend started getting a positive response.

The company now could offer availability 24/7 across all the latest communications platforms through live-chats, emails, social media presence, and Smartphone apps.

The agents were now using the latest features offered by the software including call recordings, purchase history and predictive dialers for outbound callings thereby ensuring that only interested customers were contacted and less time was spent.


With the increase in the number of satisfied customers, the viewpoint of clients of extend also changed and now they decided to once again start giving all the business to the call center company.

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